Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine CMA 1309 BA (YUEMING LASER)

The advantages of YUEMING Laser Machine with "Water Chiller Head" technology keep the focus lens cool & durable, safe for nonstop usage.

Laser Machine CMA 1309 BA (100w) Work area 130x90cm, is the BEST LASER CUTTING MACHINE PRODUCT, because the Price is Very Cheap, Size that can accommodate up to half sheet Acrylic standard size / Triplek. The Cutting Engraving CMA 1309 BA (100w) Laser Cutting Engraving Machine (100w) is suitable for working Cutting and Engraving to create embossed letters (made in gravier) made of clear or colored acrylic, CUTTING LASER process that requires cutting with very precision accurate, thickness of Acrylic pieces 5 - 15 mm Best QualityCan for Acrylic cutting, MDF, Triplek, Fabrics, Leather, Paper and so on.

Laser Cutting Machine YUEMING LASER CMA 1309 BA adopts International DSP system using Advanced Technology. This machine has High Speed ​​in Cut and Material Graphics as well as Precision Accuracy.

The ever-updated software, capable of delivering Direct Output from the original File, matches Graphic Application formats such as Auto CAD, CAM, CAD, Corel DRAW, to meet practical design needs.

Laser Cutting Engraving machine uses USB port to transmit data, which is equipped with large capacity internal memory, thus increasing the speed of work and efficiency.

Technical Parameter

Laser power 100W
Power Supply AC220-240V,50/60 Hz
Working speed 0~30m/min
Cooling method Water cooling
Gross power <=3.2KW(auxiliary accessary included)
Graphic format Supported AI,DXF,BMP,JPG,PLT,DST,DSB,etc.
Working environment Clean, less dust

Temp:5~40, Humidity:5~80%

Model Working area Weight  Overalldimension
CMA 1309 BA 1300*900mm 525kg 1910mm*1710mm*1370mm

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