Laser Cutting & Engraving Double Head Machine CMA 1610 TA (HAN'S YUEMING LASER)

Laser Engine Cutting Engraving CMA 1610 TA (80w) HAN'S YUEMING LASERDouble Head & Table Honeycomb HAN'S YUEMING Laser Machine Excellence with Water Chiller Head technology keep focus lens cool & durable, safe for nonstop usage.

CMA 1610 TA (80w) has 2 Heads (Heads) that can Road along with the Area of ​​each Head half Work Area, which is 80x100cm for 1 Head. Suitable for Bulk Production Working on Laser Engraving Laser Working in Material Materials with Multiple quantities at once. Can it Work 1 Area Full of Maximum Areas such as Laser Cutting Engraving Type 1 Head Machine? This is the advantages of Cutting Engraving CMA 1610 TA Laser Machine, but can work with 2 Heads, Cutting YUEMING Double Head Laser Machine can also work with 1 Head Head way 1 Other heads can be shifted and in Non Activate. for 1 head only active work area become 140x90cm.

Laser Cutting Engraving Machine CMA 1610 TA, has 2 Tube Laser with power 1 Tube 80 watts. 1 Tube for 1 Head. Can be used 2 Tubes for 2 Head at a time, can also 1 Tube 1 Head is On. Very Flexible is not it? So for the Great Media Working without connecting you can use 1 Head, if for Small Field Work and Quantity, you can use 2 Heads that Way Production of Laser Cutting Engraving simultaneously,

Technical Parameter

Laser power 60W
Power Supply AC220-240V,50/60 Hz
Working speed 0~30m/min
Cooling method Water cooling
Gross power <=3.2KW(auxiliary accessary included)
Graphic format Supported AI,DXF,BMP,JPG,PLT,DST,DSB,etc.
Working environment Clean, less dust

Temp:5~40, Humidity:5~80%

Model Working area Weight  Overalldimension
CMA 1610 TA 1600*1000mm 605kg 2240mm*1780mm*1290mm

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