Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router machine Quick-1325PR-ATC1



  • Working area: 1300mm x 2500mm x 220mm
  • 6 position linear ATC
  • 4.5 kw air cooled HSD ATC spindle with dust extraction foot
  • Vacuum table with Becker vacuum pump 140m3/hr
  • HIWIN/PMI linear rails
  • SYNTEC control system
  • Z zeroing Tool sensor
  • Panasonic servo motor and drivers
  • One starter set woodworking tools
  • Delta Inverter 0-24000rpm control
  • Schneider Electronic Spare Parts
  • Japanese OMRON Switch
  • Germany LAPP double sheathed, fire retardant and highly flexible towline cable can be bent 300,000 times
  • Voltage: 3PH 380V 50HZ


  • Upgrade from HIWIN/PMI to THK sealed and lubricated for life linear rails and guide blocks made in Japan
  • Oil mist cooling system for engraving/machining non-ferrous metals
  • Upgrade 4.5kw HSD ATC spindle to 9.0/11 Kw ATC Spindle
  • Dust collection system / 3.0 KW single bag / 5.5 KW dual bag
  • Working area : 1500*3000mm / 2000*3000mm / 2000*4000mm
  • Z axis up to 400mm







  Travelling Area   1260 x 2500 x 150mm   1570 x 3050 x 150mm   2070 x 3050 x 150mm   2070 x 4020 x 150mm
  Table Size   1230 x 2500   1560 x 3100   2050 x 3100   2050 x 4020
  Transmission   XY with Helical Rack and Pinion  Z with Ball screw, HIWIN Linear Rails and guide blocks.
  Table structure   Vacuum table with Becker vacuum pump
  Spindle   4.5 Kw HSD Spinde (Option 9.0kw) with 6 position linear ATC and ISO 30 tool holders
  Spindle speed   0-24000 RPM
  Speed   MAX travelling speed :32000 mm/min
  MAX working speed :20000 mm/min
  Driver and Motors   Panansonic Servo motors and Drivers
  Working voltage   AC415V/3PH/50Hz
  Control system   OSAI NC Control System
  Net weight   1150 KG   1550 KG   2050 KG   2250 KG
  Gross weight   1400 KG   1800 KG   2300 KG