Double-chuck Universal Tube Laser Cutting Machine


Precise Cutting with Pneumatic Support

* Three pneumatic concave wheel supports are the standard equipment of R2 series, satisfying your support demands for most tube types.
* R2 series can be equipped with servo follow-up support optionally for higher precision.

Standard Configuration of Rectangular-circle Chucks, Supporting Various Tubes

Equipped with simple rectangular-circle chucks, R2 series can achieve the weight capacity of 300Kg, supporting various types of tubes.
Round Tube:φ8-φ240     Square Tube: □8-□240
Angle Steel 15#     Channel Steel 14#
(Note: R2 series can be equipped with professional rectangular-circle chucks for stronger sealing and protection abilities)

Fabulous Dynamics Assist in Higher Productivity

The chuck operating speed of R2 series can achieve 120m/min and the chuck rotation speed can achieve 100r/min with 1.0G acceleration, which play an important role in productivity improvement.

HSG-X Bus Control System

HSG-X control system is bus-based and developed by HSG Laser. With intelligent and easy-to-operate service, it can offer users effective solutions to address problems of difficult operation, low efficiency and high costs.

More Stable and Precise for Blanking Rack (Optional)

R2 series can be added with 3m blanking rack, for more stable and precise cutting of long tube cutting especially.

Technical Parameters

X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy
Cutting Capacity of Round Tube
Cutting Capacity of Square Tube
Weight of Single Tube