Three-chuck Heavy-duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine


High-precision Cutting With Independent Servo Follow-up Support

* 9m loading machine bed is equipped with independent and high-sensitivity servo follow-up support for strong support to heavy tubes, satisfying highly precise cutting on the horizontally.
* 6m unloading machine bed is also equipped with independent servo follow-up support, combing with intelligent unloading model of the system to achieve smooth blanking of tubes up to 6 meters.

Unique Photoelectric Detection of Loading for Clamping Accurately

The tube loading is detected by photoelectricity, and the chuck can precisely control the tube clamping length, which further improves the degree of loading automation and reliability.

Movable Triple Chuck for High Load Capacity

* The T3 is equipped with square and round chucks as standard, with a load capacity of 600kg, supporting 20-350mm tubes.
* Adopt two front and one rear chuck combination to achieve higher load bearing.
* C3 is a hollow chuck, which is easy to cut the whole tube.
* Movable three-chuck structure with short tail material cutting of chuck jump
* Optional Rectangular-circle professional sealing chuck, greatly increase the load capacity of the chuck to 800Kg.

Eco-friendly Cutting

The cutting area is equipped with air extraction pipes, making the processing environment clean and environmental protection.

Multi-functional Loading Rack for Fast Loading (Optional)

Optional multifunctional loading frames can fulfill the automatic loading of 6-9 meter round tubes, square tubes, steel sections and other tubes, achieving rapid loading of tubes, saving labor costs and improving productivity.

Technical Parameters

X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy
Cutting Capacity of Round Tube
Cutting Capacity of Square Tube
Weight of Single Tube