Four-chuck Heavy-duty Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Four Chucks Structure

HSG Laser released the first generation of HSG four-chuck heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine, laying a groundwork for cutting heavy, large and long tube stably.

1.Heavy-duty pneumatic chucks for stable clamping
2.Maximum clamping diameter: 660mm (Round Tube)
3.Single tube bearing: 3000Kg

Automatic Loading and Unloading System

The system is easy for heavy-duty tube loading and unloading without shutdown waiting. The system can decrease unproductive time and avoid accident probabilities of artificial loading and unloading.

Bus Control System

HSG-X control system is bus-based and developed by HSG Laser. With intelligent and easy-to-operate service, it can offer users effective solutions to address problems of difficult operation, low efficiency and high costs.

1.21.5-inch touch screen with concise interface
2.Monitor core components in real time and give early alarm
3.Detect tube deviation if needed
4.Click to create processing report

Tube Splicing Technology

The operating control offers 50+ kinds of tube splicing patterns, for convenience of subsequent welding, such as splicing of male and female head of square tube, 90° arc splicing, splicing of round tube tee, splicing of cut-through holes, 45° splicing of hexagon, splicing of angle iron and channel steel, etc.

Cut with Short Tailings

Four chucks can cut tubes with short tailings and improve material utilization by reverse cutting mode.

Power-off Cutting Restart Technology

Foreign-imported servo motor contains an absolute encoder to offer power-off cutting restart function, namely, users only need to click to restart the cutting and power failure will not be worried.

Technical Parameters

X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy
Cutting Capacity of Round Tube
Cutting Capacity of Square Tube
Weight of Single Tube