Tube Beveling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


LA4 Beveling Cutting Head

LA4 beveling cutting head can achieve 0-45°beveling tube processing to bring convenience for following welding technology and reduce costs.

Dust Removal

There are air hose on front chuck and high-power exhaust fans that work together to cut down smoke pollution and keep operators healthy.

Bus Control System

HSG-X control system is bus-based and developed by HSG Laser. With intelligent and easy-to-operate service, it can offer users effective solutions to address problems of difficult operation, low efficiency and high costs.

21.5-inch touch screen with concise interface

Monitor core components in real time and give early alarm

Click to create processing report

Click to create processing report

Safety Light Curtain

It will give alarm if any intruder is detected when chucks are working at high speed, so as to prevent any possible collision with human body and protect both workers and the machine well.

Automatic Unloading Device

Follow-up turning plate and concave wheel as unloading device are fit for unloading large tubes.

Digital Controlling Pneumatic Chucks

1.With wireless digital feedback, chucks combine with system to form closed-loop controlling
2.High clamping speed, accuracy and working efficiency , low threshold pressure
3.Wireless monitoring of chucks, alarm for empty chucks and high security for no collision between chucks and work-pieces
4.Pressure adjustments depending on different tube diameters and thicknesses
5.Intelligent chucks in full track without artificial adjustments and the load-bearing can achieve 200kg.

Technical Parameters

X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy
Cutting Capacity of Round Tube
Cutting Capacity of Square Tube
Weight of Single Tube