Handheld Laser Fiber Welding Machine


Swing Welding Technology

WOBBLE welding heads have the swing welding model which the facula can be adjusted with strong welding fault tolerance. The technology can compensates for the disadvantage of the small laser welding spot and extends the tolerance range and weld width of the machined part to obtain a better weld formation.

Work-piece welding in one operation

Simple to operate and easy to train. The work-piece can be welded in one operation. The laser head is light, flexible and can weld any part of the work-piece, making welding work more efficient, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dual Temperature and Control chiller

The machine is self-equipped with dual temperature and control chiller for constant temperature control heat dissipation and ensuring the core optical components heat dissipation with fiber laser, which are stable and efficient.

Handheld Welding Laser Head

Handheld welding laser head with ergonomic design and light weight can be operated easily and persist in working.

Technical Parameters

Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)