Electro Hydraulic Servo Bending Machine

Servo Variable Pumping

Carbon Steel Welded Frame

Movable Front Carrier

Various Upper and Lower Tools

Switzerland (CYBELEC) CybTouch 12PS Control System

Touch screen

Correct angle and backgauge range

Auto calculation of bending data, pressure and deflection compensation

Bending program makes mass production come true

Automatic Deflection Compensation

* Compensate for deflection deformation caused by platform

* Calculate compensation according to length, thickness and angle of bending workpiece

Post-positioning System

* Move back and forth (X axis), up and down (R axis) driven by servo motor

* positioning fingers available

Bending Follow-up Trolley (Optional)

With the trolley, semi-automatization of bending is made possible and bending difficulty of large or heavy workpiece is reduced.

Bending Samples