Cell 3015G

3D Five-axis Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Solutions of Cutting 3D Workpiece

This 3D-five axis cutting machine can cut stereo workpiece, especially for trimming and piercing the auto hot-forming spare parts.

LA5 Five-axis Linkage Cutting Head

This cutting head is self-developed by HSG Laser for 3D cutting and it has functions of N*360° rotation and ±135° swing.

* Slender nozzle units
* Reliable airway design and simulation to ensure cutting quality

FANUC Five-axis Linkage Control System

FANUC system enables 3D five-axis laser cutting at high speed and precision. With laser output directives in sync with servo control and ever-changing control technology, excellent machining comes true.

* Self-compensating tool nose position, in sure of quality of cutting automobile’s cambered cover * Auto correction of tooling location deviation, with less manual correction time

Fully-protective Structure

* The machine comes standard with top cover to form fully-protective structure for clean work climate.
* Two safety interlocking doors enable fully-sealed work and entry into work area from left and/or right side.

Double-station Turn Table

* Table base welded by using carbon steel
* Double stations and driven by servo motor
* Only take 3s to complete a rotation
* Adjustable quantity of support arms and clamping range of work-piece holder to meet custom-built needs

Technical Parameters

MODEL Cell3015G
Processing format (L*W)
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy