Compact-size Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Alpha A Control System

This system is easy to be operated and rich in functions. Even green hands can cut high-quality samples.

Monitor core components in real time

Millisecond-level follow-up response technology

Click to create processing report

Compatible with codes of international brands

Double Fully-automatic Pneumatic Chucks

* One-key clamping and automatic centering
* Pneumatic clamping with no looseness or slip
* Concave support frame can prevent tube from sagging and deformation
* Clamp both round, square tube and profiles like channel and angle steel

Professional Nesting Software

* Optimize cutting path to shorten cutting duration
* Smart typesetting algorithm for the increase of material utilization

Massive Production Database

* Users can invoke cutting technology from the database when cutting sheet of different materials and thickness
* Have multiple thick sheet cutting technologies like air cutting, counterboring technology, perfect finish cut (PFC), lightening-fast piercing, etc.

Technical Parameters

Processing format (L*W)
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy
Cutting Capacity of Round Tube
Cutting Capacity of Square Tube