Large-format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Bus Control System

It enables data transmission via EtherCAT bus and features fast speed and stability. This system is easy to be operated and rich in functions. Even green hands can cut high-quality samples.

Monitor core components in real time

Millisecond-level follow-up response technology

Click to create processing report

Compatible with codes of international brands

Segmented Splicing Machine Bed

The machine bed is made of several sections and allows to be customized as needed for infinite splicing machine beds.Cutting large-format sheet will be easily handled.

Production Process Database

Users can invoke cutting technology from the database when cutting sheet of different materials and thickness.

Nano joint
Fly cutting of thin sheet
Edge searching for round disc

Bus-based Laser Cutting Heads

HSG has developed multiple high-power bus laser cutting heads that range from 10kW to 40kW based on its study on interaction between metal materials and laser. With that, thick sheets can be cut stably in batch.

Optical filming to prevent lens pollution

Real-time monitoring of laser focus

Bus-based height adjusting system

Laser path reshaping technology

Process Various Types of Bevels

P series cutting head with HSG bus system can realize 0-45°bevel cutting, including V bevels, X bevels, Y bevels etc.

Available: Bevel-GFA

Technical Parameters

MODEL G12025FA G12035FA
Processing format (L*W)
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy