Economical Large-format Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Segmented Splicing Machine Bed

The machine bed is made of several sections and allows to be customized as needed for infinite splicing machine beds. Cutting large-format sheet will be easily handled.

Safety Curtain

There are 2 sets of safety curtain on the beam. If people make a mistake to approach, the machine will alarm and stop operating immediately.

Follow-up Ventilation and Dust Removal

Following dust removal structure design is characteristic of small air volumes, low energy costs and operating costs. X shape, V shape and so on.

Beveling Cutting for Different Shapes

(Optional)According to the processing demands, user can select optional oscillating axles to achieve 45°bevels and multiple types of beveling cutting, such as K shape, Y shape, X shape, V shape and so on.

Technical Parameters

Processing format (L*W)
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy