Side drilling cnc machine AE2800-1F

Our AE2800-1F side drilling machine is specially developed for side hole drilling and slotting.Body adopts an overall thick-walled all-steel structure design,high strength and smooth operation. After annealed at high temperature,long-term high-speed operation deformed free and maintains high accuracy.Then to the pentahedron machining center to ensure accuracy.

Product Description

The machining center AE2800-1F is available for precise horizontal panel drilling from all sides at high speed. The horizontal drill holes are automatically provided on a horizontal CNC machining center. The previously labelled workpiece is conveniently scanned by a barcode reader. The DDX nesting software already provided the necessary data when the nest was created. Thanks to an optoelectronic switch, drilling is performed automatically after the plate is positioned on the worktable.Side positioning cylinders and a telescopic side alignment device support the positioning and fixing of the panel on the worktable. Top pressure cylinders press firmly against the plate surface – this combination ensures high-quality drilling results.



X-Y-Z axis working area
1220 x 2440 x 200mm
Heavy Structure Welded Steel, 5-side milled
Repositioning resolution
X-Y movement
Rack and pinion, gear drive
workpiece thickness
Maximum workpiece width
Ball screw
Taiwan ball screw
Max. speed
3.5kw air cooling * 2
Inverter power
5.5kw Fuling
Drive motors
Servo motor
Working voltage
Command code
G code
Computer interface
USB 2.0
Type 3
PVC Vacuum table
Quick CNC controlling system

Accessories and Advantage

wo 3.5KW air cooling spindle

Two 3.5KW air-cooled spindles are used for drilling and slotting, fast speed and high efficiency. The air-cooled spindle cools quickly, does not require an external pump, is less affected by the environment, and can be processed for a long time

Pressing device

Using air cylinder control, precise positioning, can firmly press the plate

PVC vacuum table

This is a specially designed table, PVC vacuum table has better sealing performance and better adsorption,The double-layer design also has the advantage of being strong and not deformed

Quick CNC controlling system

Large storage space

Perfect U disk compatibility

Fast reading speed

Automatic scheduling function, import all files at once and process in order

High anti-jamming intensity


Advertising industry:Signage, Logo ,Badges, Display board, Meeting sign board, Billboard,Advertising filed, Sign making,Acrylic engraving and cutting, Crystal word making, Blaster molding and other advertising materials derivatives making.

Wood furniture industry:Doors, Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, Wave plate, Fine pattern, Guitar….

Artwork and Decoration:wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box. 

Other:Relief sculpture and 3D engraving and Cylindrical object.