Six-sided drilling machine KQ-63 / KQ-62

1 The upper beam double-drilling bank structure is adopted, and the double-drilling bank is punched at the same time, which is more efficient.
2 A sawdust conveyor belt is installed under the drill bag, which can transport the unsucked sawdust out through the conveyor belt, and a 3-second blowing pipe is installed on the top of the table.
3 Use the most reasonable drilling layout. When two horizontal drills are processed at the same time, the minimum hole spacing is 160mm.
4 The front desk adopts a lifting table structure, which solves the problem of countertop avoidance when customers are drilling horizontal holes.

Product Description

The CNC six-sided drill is mainly used in the processing applications of horizontal and vertical drilling and grooving of all kinds of man-made panels, solid wood panels and semi-solid wood panels. It is a kind of CNC processing equipment with simple operation and fast drilling processing speed. Slotting, suitable for processing all kinds of combined cabinet panel furniture.

The two Z-axis drill banks on KQ-63 can be processed at the same time or independently, which improves the processing efficiency. When a drill bank fails, you can only use the other drill bag for processing.


  •  After importing the processing data in the processing process, scan the code to complete the processing. No need to turn over, no secondary processing, after processing, automatic discharging, manual sorting, high work efficiency.
  • Compared with PTP, it realizes the function of precise printing of small boards, and greatly reduces the occupied space, reduces the use of power, and saves electricity.
  • There are three ways of sidetracking press roller, vertical pressing plate and lower support plate to ensure that the plate is fixed and the drilling accuracy is guaranteed.
  • A variety of data formats, such as BAN, DXF, XML, MPR, BD, etc., can be docked with mainstream software in the market.
  • The upper and lower spindles can process symmetrical slots on the front and back at the same time.



MODEL KQ-63/62
Working size
Processing one board range Length
Processing one board range Width
Processing one board range Thick
Minimum board size
Gripper (X-axis) maximum speed
Y-axis maximum speed
z-axis maximum speed
Control system
Drill bank Upper
Changchuan 12V4H+12V4H
Drill bank Down
Changchuan 9V
Dirver and motor
Planetary reducer
Guide rail
Lapping(with steel strip)
positioning accuracy
Rack and pinion
High flexible cable
Heavy frame
Air-floating table
Autoloading and unloading
Total power
Machine size
5440* 2500*2200 mm

Accessories and Advantage

Quick cnc control system

Using the Quick cnc customization system, you can implement simulation processing simulation view, you can find the problems in the processing in time to reduce losses.

Spindle and drilling bank

Two high-efficiency 3.5kw spindles are used. The upper drilling bank adopts an L-shaped (12V4H) customized layout, and the lower drilling bank adopts a 3*3 row drilling layout, which effectively improves the efficiency of use

Heavy frame and strong transmission

The whole bed is welded with a 150x100mm rectangular tube, and the bed is annealed to eliminate stress. The guide rail comes with a steel belt, which greatly improves the dustproof performance of the guide rail. The ball screw adopts high dustproof design, good effect, high speed and quietness, and good fluency

Servo motor and driver

The machine driven by high quality Chinese servo motor. Compared with stepper motors, closed-loop servo motors have the characteristics of high accuracy, fast response speed and high load capacity.